Thinking Swai Fish? Think Again – Uncover The Jaw Dropping Truth

  What is Swai Fish?


swai_fishSwai is a catfish from Vietnam which has a delicate texture and a milder taste. Although it is often confused with the Basa, the two are not the same. Like Tilapia, Swai fish is a whole lot cheaper than Basa and even though it may have a more grainy and coarse texture as opposed to Basa, it can work as its substitute. Pangasius, River Catfish, shark catfish, Tra and iridescent shark can be used interchangeably because these are all the different market names for Swai. The scientific name for Swai fish is Pangasius Hypophthalamus.

The Swai fish species is a sustainable aquaculture species, which means these easy to commercially farm. Swai is mostly farmed in Southeast Asia and since these do not take as much time as Basa to grow therefore they are shipped in huge quantities for exports. The fish originally hails from Southeast Asia, it is native to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. People who do not like freshwater fishes normally often take a liking to this fish. Although frozen Swai is available all year long, the fresh water fish can be found only in the Chao Phraya river system and the Mekong River Basin of Southeast Asia.

These farm-raised fishes are naturally low in fat and they are an excellent source of protein. What’s more, Swai can adjust to your cooking technique in the kitchen whether you are pan frying, broiling or baking it. AMJE has seen both novice seafood chefs as well as experts are fans of the Swai.

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