Acidophilus Milk – What is it?

Milk A lot of folks consider it prevent allergies because of the activity of the acidophilus bacteria in the intestines and could help digestion. Milk of the type is frequently available at health food shops in addition to a few important supermarkets.

How it is Made

The heritage procedure used to make acidophilus milk begins with inoculating clean milk with the bacteria. The tangy flavor of the milk will improve the more it remains warm. This procedure resembles the one but results in a thinner, merchandise that is drinkable.

It’s not impossible to make acidophilus milk at home, provided that the cook has the bacteria that are right. Starter cultures that have L. acidophilus are accessible, although they frequently include other forms, including Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, that are normally used to make yogurt. The milk will become yogurt if fermented overly long.

Storebought acidophilus milk is occasionally treated to make it somewhat sweet than tangy. It could be properly used like regular milk in recipes, unlike other fermented products using a strong flavor and kefir. Many people also drink it in place of standard milk, favoring the distinguishing flavor.

Nutritional Information

Generally, acidophilus milk is comparable to standard milk of the exact same kind.



As with other milk products, acidophilus milk ought to be assessed frequently for changes in odor, colour, or feel. In case the milk starts to smell change or distinct colour, it needs to be lost. It’s vital that you keep this kind of milk cooled to minimize bacterial process. This milk ought to be utilized within a week; commercial products could have a longer expiration date when home made.

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